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We want to immerse our readers in the rapid development of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is the future and we want to bring reliable information to enthusiasts and people who want to learn more. PartVR inspires to give the readers innovative tips, cutting-edge reviews, and emerging news.

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Founder of PartVR

Coming from Brazil and living in New Jersey, I am a senior in high school who created and manages PartVR by myself. All the articles are written from scratch and take about two days to publish. PartVR was started in the summer of 2019 and already has over 100k+ impressions.

Although content stopped due to school, I intend to put my focus on it once again during breaks and free time.

After trying VR myself, I knew that this was the path for the future and I want to inform everyone about its potential. PartVR has been a big project to launch but I have thoroughly enjoyed website development and the aspect of having an online presence.