$15 dollars for a piece of Cardboard can seem a bit suspicious, even when Google is selling it. Is Google Cardboard worth the purchase? Let’s go through the list of who should buy this and a Google Cardboard comparison.


For only $15, anyone can try this. You can DIY this project for even less or buy a different version with a strap. All of them do the same thing and give you the same experience.

There are sections for Google Cardboard apps and a huge sphere of indie games to choose and play. Tons of apps and experiences are created for mobile since they are much easier to develop.

Google Cardboard will be a great experience for 180-degree videos and watching movies. You are not stuck to a cord so looking around is completely free.

You do not need a powerful PC and only need a phone. Most phones are compatible and can be used.


The cardboard lacks immersion. Before I tried any of the PC VR headsets, I only tried the Google Cardboard and thought that VR is okay but not there yet. After doing the tutorial on the Oculus, I was blown away from the immersion the Cardboard lacked.

You need to buy a Bluetooth controller for most games and that adds onto the cheap price. Even with these controllers the game still isn’t as immersive.


Ultimately, if you aren’t desperate to see what VR looks like, I would not really recommend going for this. Instead, Windows Mixed Reality headsets are very underrated and could cost you less than $200. Of course, these are tied to your computer rather than your smartphone but you’ll have much better experiences and be able to play much better titles. The Oculus Go and Google Daydream are also different paths to take and you should totally look into if you want a premium experience but don’t want to pay a fortune.

Finally, after seeing this Google Cardboard comparison and you want to see a comparison of all the headsets available in 2019, check out our guide for Everything You Need To Know About VR!

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