A PSVR comparison is hard since they are much different than the other headsets. They don’t require a gaming computer or a phone and they are the only console VR out in the market.

The PSVR has been getting a lot of news recently and we wanted to give our quick list of whether the PSVR is right for you. $300 for a high-end VR headset seems too good to be true compared to the other headsets that cost hundreds of more dollars. How does it fall in comparison to the top of the line headsets? Here is our quick rundown.


PSVR Exclusive Games can be some of the sole reasons people buy a PSVR when they already own a PS4. Games like Astro Bot have received a ton of love from the community while other games are also doing successfully.

The PSVR nailed comfort to a premium feel that sits arguably better than the Vive and the Rift. This makes extended gaming sessions possible and less noticeable.

The screen door effect is a bit better on PSVR than on Oculus or the Rift, and to some extent, god rays appear better also. This makes the gameplay clearer and the images sharper on the headset.

The PSVR is cheap and a great headset for anyone who already has a PS4 or above. You don’t need to be tethered to a computer and don’t need a graphics card that will cost more than your Playstation.


You need a PS4 to use a PSVR. Also if you do not have the move controllers, this will also increase the price. Even with these controllers, it doesn’t reach the same level of immersion as the Rift’s Touch Controllers.

Since you are playing on a Playstation rather than a PC with its own dedicated graphics, the visuals of the game won’t be as good in comparison. Having your own PC will always make the game sharper and run more smoothly

You are stuck playing games that Playstation has and can’t play the same games on PC. They do have a section for Indie Games, however, but it doesn’t compare to the number of well-made games available to the other VR headsets.

The tracking sensors of the Playstation camera tends to work poorly some of the time. It works well enough to not materially affect the experience when playing with the controller, but tracking issues will limit the types of experiences that can work well on PSVR, and the Rift and especially the Vive have a very strong upper hand.


Who is the PSVR made for? People that currently own a PS4 and not a hundred dollar gaming PC that want to get into the gaming scene should definitely take a close look into PSVR. For $300 and the most widely sold headset, this is a great way to take a step into the future and into a new community. Seeing the PSVR comparison to other headsets makes it a great deal for the specs it has. Here is a video to further continue the discussion on how PSVR stacks up.

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