After seeing the top games launched with the Quest, we wanted to show the best games for the Oculus Quest currently. There are many games to choose from and others that are currently being beta tested. As more and more games are launched, here is our choice for the top Oculus Quest Games.

Best Quest Games

30. Fujii

“A serene, mystical journey that traverses a series of otherworldly, organic landscapes, Fujii is a respite for weary travelers. The experience flows between outdoor exploration and creative gardening, merging aspects of adventure and cultivation into a refreshing, musically enveloping whole.”

Fujii is a great game to enjoy with beautiful and unique art. Explore nature and vivid environments that make this game relaxing and immersive.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: Oculus

29. Fruit Ninja

“The juiciest, most action-packed burst of fruit-filled fun is here! Re-imagined by the immersive power of virtual reality, Fruit Ninja on the Oculus Quest brings you closer to the action than ever before.”

Fruit Ninja is a game you have to try in VR, especially if you played on your phone years ago. It’s a short arcade game and great for whenever you’re bored. As time runs out, it’s hard to not panic and just swing your swords around.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: Fruit Ninja

28. Ultrawings

“In Ultrawings, you’ll pilot multiple aircraft using your virtual hands to interact with the flight stick and instruments to complete tons of missions while soaring around beautiful islands.”

If you ever wanted to fly a plane in VR, this game is for you. Although the scenery is cartoony, it is still a fun arcade game with great controls that will make you come back to. There are many missions to play and can be very relaxing.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: Oculus

27. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

“In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, one player is trapped in a virtual room with a ticking time bomb they must defuse. The other players are the “Experts” who must give the instructions to defuse the bomb by deciphering the information found in the Bomb Defusal Manual. But there’s a catch: the Experts can’t see the bomb, so everyone will need to talk it out –fast!”

This is one of the best games to play with multiple people. The anxiety and stress everyone feels are real and as Tyriel Wood points out, “It’s the best party game period. When you have people over it’s a must, but you have to print the instructions.”

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: Steel Crate Games

26. PokerStars VR

“PokerStars, the world’s leading poker brand, has combined live and online poker in a truly immersive VR experience.”

If you’re into Poker, this is the most fun you’ll have with it. Be transported into a virtual realm to play others with very well-made interactions. You’ll make new friends and have great experiences with this game.

Price: FREE

Video Courtesy: Oculus

25. Swords of Gargantua

“SWORDS of GARGANTUA is a cross-platform VR online action game. Fight solo or join up to 3 others in online co-op against a hoard of enemies and their master, the towering titan named GARGANTUA.”

One of the best co-op game in the market right now. With great gameplay and amazing sword mechanics, you’re guaranteed to have a good experience. There is a vast amount of content to go through which will make you come back to this game.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: SWORDS of GARGANTUA

24. Shadow Point

“Built for VR, Shadow Point is a story-driven puzzle game set between a mountaintop observatory and an ever-changing fantasy world. Explore a vibrant kingdom, cast shadows and solve mind-bending puzzles as you uncover the mystery of missing schoolgirl, Lorna McCabe who vanished from Shadow Point Observatory twelve years ago.”

This game is so immersive and a good choice for getting into VR. There are many unique puzzles to pass and a lot of attention to detail in the art and story. The scenery is very vivid and becomes a relaxing yet enjoyable game.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: Coatsink

23. Apex Construct

“Apex Construct is a story-driven, single-player VR action/adventure. Wield an upgradable bow & shield combination to battle enemy robots while exploring and solving mysteries in a shattered world.”

The graphics are beautiful and the controls run smoothly. It’s a complete game that will keep you entertained for hours and have a lot of problems to solve with a ton of action on the way. It’s very fun using a bow in Apex Construct since it’s very immersive and well-made.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: GameSpot Trailers

22. Thumper

“Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future.”

The music and visuals in this game are amazing. The rhythm and backgrounds are clean and will make you constantly want to come back to this game. This game can be compared to Beat Saber and a great fast-paced game.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: DROOL

21. Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

“Experience a thrilling story told across three chapters. Get up close and personal with all-new melee weapons! Hack off limbs and hurl axes at the shuffling undead. Deflect spitter slime with baseball bats and hit a home run with a zombie’s head!”

Drop Dead is a fantastic co-op game that is very well-made despite having a few minor problems. Killing zombies have never this much fun and we definitely recommend more people try.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: vrgamecritic

20. Dead and Buried II

“Dead and Buried II is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter set in a supernatural western world. Grab your six-shooters and go head-to-head in various game modes. Compete against real players online to see who is the best gunslinger! The game is a sequel to the popular Dead and Buried released on Rift and GO.”

With their shootout mode and other fun features, it is a great game for anyone to try. It can be a very competitive game or a laid back game depending on how you play. The mechanics for this game are smooth and realistic.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: Mr Oculus

Price: $19.99

19. Accounting+

“How long have these goggles been pressing into my flesh? What began as a small game jam between William Pugh (The Stanley Parable), Dominik Johann (Minit) and Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty) is now—two years later—an aberration of warped technology, weird worlds, and strange, disturbing creatures.”

Accounting+ is one of the funniest games I’ve played in a while. It’s edgy humor and fun characters make this game a must-have for anyone looking to laugh in VR.

Price: $11.99

Video Courtesy: Crows Crows Crows

18. Bigscreen Beta

“WATCH movies with friends in a virtual movie theater. PLAY your favorite PC video games on a huge screen. HANG OUT in social VR chat rooms. EVENTS like weekly 3D Movie Nights and VR LAN parties!”

The most memorable moments in VR are with actual people and Bigscreen is a great way to see this. Playing a video to stir conversation and meet new people truly shows the connections VR can make.

Price: FREE

Video Courtesy: Bigscreen

17. Sairento VR: Untethered

“Ever wanted to be a cyber ninja? A top-selling VR game and probably the best cyber ninja simulator ever, Sairento VR offers you that opportunity! Perform quadruple jumps, wall runs, power slides backflips and even get to manipulate time. Empty lead into an enemy before spinning around to sink your blade into another. Kit yourself with katanas, firearms, bows, throwing glaives, shurikens, kunai and more – they are all at your disposal. Keep growing your experience and upgrading your skills.”

You will feel like a badass when you play this game. There are so many weapons and missions to choose from, you can easily put hours into this game without noticing. It uses the Quest’s no wires very well and calls for a very immersive experience.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: Mixed Realms

16. Journey of the Gods

“The chaos moon is coming, threatening the peaceful inhabitants of the land. It’s up to you to unlock the power of the gods in your battle against the encroaching darkness. Become the hero in this first-person, legendary VR quest against the forces of evil.”

Journey of the Gods is a awesome game that is beautifully designed. As stated by Tyriel Wood, “Journey of the Gods is great for the atmosphere and vibe, I really liked the art design and the god mechanics, even if I wished there was a bow instead of the crossbow”.

Price: $29.99

Video Courtesy: Turtle Rock Studios

15. Space Pirate Trainer

“Space Pirate Trainer is the official trainer for wannabe space pirates. Remember those awesome classic arcade cabinets? Imagine if those were immersive… Space Pirate Trainer puts you in one of those; fighting off relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets you would ever need as a Space Pirate. You better dodge some of those incoming lasers though, since just using your shields won’t get you in the top rankings. Pick up your blasters, put on your sneakers, and dance your way into the Space Pirate Trainer hall of fame.

This game is perfect for people wanting to see the capabilities of VR. Now on the Quest, the game got even more fun by not having a wire follow you around. It’s so satisfying dodging bullets and great for arcade action.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: I-Illusions

14. Sports Scramble

“Take your favorite sports and mix them together! Play Tennis with a Golf Club. Bowl a strike with a Basketball. Smash a Home Run with a Hockey Stick! Each of the three main sports: Tennis, Bowling, and Baseball have their own Single-Player Training, QuickPlay, and Challenge Modes. And don’t forget to go online and compete against other Sports Scramblers in a myriad of multiplayer modes. Run around a large court in Tennis. Knock the pins down in a zany variety of lanes in Bowling. Show off your pitching and batting skills in Baseball.”

If you ever want to play sports in VR, then this game is a must-have. The experiences here are so cool and interactive and it’s one of the first games you can show your friends that are new to VR.

Price: $29.99

Video Courtesy: vrgamecrtic

13. Rec Room

“Rec Room is the best place to hang out with friends from all around the world! Play intense multiplayer games like Paintball or just chill with friends in the park. There are thousands of player-created game and event rooms for you to discover, with new ones added daily. You can even build your own rooms with your friends. Rec Room is cross-platform and free, so come and join the fun!”

Rec Room, similar to Bigscreen, allows you to be open and meet new people. It is a very interactive game and you will meet a lot of new people. They have many minigames to play and you won’t ever be bored.

Price: FREE

Video Courtesy: Rec Room

12. The Wizards

“The Wizards is an award-winning action-adventure game with a unique system of casting spells with hand gestures and acclaimed narration and voice acting by Jason Marnocha. Use Touch controllers to destroy your enemies by weaving magic into lightning, fireballs, and other elemental spells. Chain combos and use different tactics against hostile creatures. Make the game as challenging or as casual as you like with Fate Cards, and become the hero you’ve always wanted to be with powerful spells at your fingertips!”

If you ever tried magic in VR, it’s a completely different experience from anywhere else. The graphics and controls on The Wizard are amazing and is a game you’ll never get tired of.

Price: $24.99

Video Courtesy: Carbon Studio

11. Richie’s Plank Experience

“You’re on a plank, 80 stories high. Knees shaky, palms sweaty. You have a choice. Do you walk or do you freeze? Richie’s Plank is the only experience that lets you clone real-world objects into the virtual world for added immersion. A WORLD-FIRST INNOVATION. Clone a real-world plank into the virtual world. Customize your size and orientation in the settings.”

If you’re scared of heights or want to fly around, this is the best game. On the Quest without a wire makes this game very immersive and terrifying. This is a must-have a game to everyone new to VR.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: Toast VR

Top 10 Oculus Quest Games

10. Moss

“Moss™ is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game from Polyarc tailor-made for the VR platform. It takes classic components of a great game—such as compelling characters, gripping combat, and captivating world exploration—and combines them with the exciting opportunities of VR.”

As Ben Plays VR states, “I have to say, that every element of this game is platinum grade – the writing, the character animation, the environments, the sound design, the voice acting, everything. The attention to detail the developers gave to this game is astounding and in my opinion, it lacks nothing.”

Price: $29.99

Video Courtesy: Oculus

9. Creed: Rise to Glory

“Live Your Legacy: Challenge both your body and mind as you experience the ascent of Adonis Creed from undiscovered underdog to world-class fighter, all within an immersive universe inspired by the Creed™ films.”

Creed is an amazing fighting game and will give you a great workout. Fight like you’re in a movie and let it all out. Of course, we recommend moving your TV far away when playing this game because it will get intense.

Price: $29.99

Video Courtesy: Survios

8. Virtual Virtual Reality

“In the near future, what is the purpose of humanity? Activitude, the Virtual Labor System, is here to help. Your artisanal human companionship is still highly sought by AI clients. Strap on your headset. Find your calling.”

As Wishful says, “Virtual Virtual Reality features some of the most inventive VR storytelling that I have seen to date”. This game captures hours of gameplay and fun, especially when you realize the twist in the world.

Price: $14.99

Video Courtesy: Tender Claws

7. I Expect You To Die

“I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game that places you in the well-polished shoes of an elite secret agent. You must attempt to survive deadly situations in immersive and dangerous locales. Complete each operation using problem-solving skills and wits… oh, and the power of telekinesis that all our agents are equipped with. Use it and whatever resources you can find to escape each situation… or die trying.”

One of the most well-made games, I Expect You To Die is the best puzzle game in VR. Interactions in the game feel very immersive and feel like real life. You will spend hours on this game solving the puzzles and enjoying the gameplay.

Price: $24.99

Video Courtesy: Schell Games

6. Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

“We spent countless hours on developing our own physics from scratch and tweaking it with professional table tennis players. Based on scientific research, it’s extremely realistic and translates your moves in the most accurate manner.”

The mechanics in this game are really well made and feel like real life. The physics of this feel amazing along the environments to choose from. From multiplayer to the campaign, you will never be bored with this game.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: Pixel Edge Games

5. Robo Recall: Unplugged

“Robo Recall is an action-packed VR first-person shooter with visceral gameplay and an in-depth scoring system. Earn the high score by using creative combat tactics and skill shots as you teleport through city streets and rooftops in an awe-inspiring ballet of bullets. Tear apart your interactive robot foes and use them to fend off the enemy onslaught.”

Robo Recall is an action-packed game where you will be constantly turning to kill robots. The physics in this game are very done and the gameplay is well thought out.

Price: $29.99

Video Courtesy: Oculus

4. Job Simulator

“In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the “Job Simulator” to learn what it was like ‘to do the job’. Players can relive the glory days of work by simulating the ins and outs of being a gourmet chef, an office worker, a convenience store clerk, and more.”

Job Simulator is a wacky game but has plenty to choose from. You’re able to interact with almost any object there as you are following their funny storyline. You won’t get bored with this game and as it’s very well made and addictive to keep going.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: OwlChemyLabs

3. Vader Immortal: Episode I

“Step inside a galaxy far, far away with Vader Immortal: Episode I. You are a smuggler operating near Mustafar, the fiery world Darth Vader calls home. When you are unexpectedly pulled out of hyperspace, you find yourself uncovering an ancient mystery at the behest of the Sith Lord himself.”

If you are a Star Wars fan, there is no reason not to have this game. This game is perfect for VR and using a lightsaber like the movies make this game easily one of the best in VR. As John Riggs states, “it’s very short but definitely worth checking out.”

Price: $9.99

Video Courtesy: GameSpot Trailers


“The gameflow has been rebuilt into what it was originally meant to be. Pyramids within levels are gone. Nothing distracts you from the rush of SUPERHOT’s signature slow-motion combat. The System throws you relentlessly into fight after fight after fight. You flow through the action like a ballerina of death. 360 tracking revolves the world around you. You move, run, and slice through a hail of slow-motion bullets. No tethers are holding you back.”

Superhot is a game that you will keep coming back to or will show your friends. By controlling time with your body and feeling like you’re in the Matrix, you won’t ever want to leave. With the Quest, movement is very easy and will feel completely immersive and natural.

Price: $24.99

Video Courtesy: SUPERHOT

1. Beat Saber

“Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small cubes) as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. All the music is composed to perfectly fit the handmade levels.”

Beat Saber is of course number one due to the number of hours and immersion the game has. It is the most popular game in VR for a reason. Now with the Quest available and being able to rotate during the songs allows for a new difficulty and much more fun.

Price: $29.99

Video Courtesy: Oculus

Honorable Mentions

5. Penn & Teller VR: F U, U, U, & U

“Perform 10+ cruel magic tricks (disguised as cutting-edge science) that will leave your loved ones screaming and you cackling maniacally. Demonstrate the healing powers of immersion therapy, test your telekinetic powers, or even guide your soon-to-be-ex friends as they perform The Most Dangerous Act in Showbiz!”

Join Penn & Teller in their wacky pranks to enjoy a good laugh. If you have people that never tried VR before, this game will make you lose their trust but all for a good laugh.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: Gearbox Software

4. Face Your Fears 2

“You asked for it! Now you can jump right into the scares…try quickplay for shareable screams. Are you prepared to Face Your Fears and step into Harvest House? Learn the tragic history of the Harvest Family as you explore their long-abandoned home. Immerse yourself in two spine-tingling scenarios that unravel a tale of terror across the ages. In the first, your sister is missing and all roads lead to the old Harvest Estate. Next, take on the role of a paranormal investigator and come face to face with the evil that dwells there.”

One of the most terrifying games on the Quest, get ready to scream. There are so many jump-scares and frightening experiences that it’s hard to go through this game in one sitting.

Price: $19.99

Face Your Fears 2
Picture Courtesy: Turtle Rock Studios

3. Dance Central

“Dance Central™ is back! Designed from the ground up for VR, Dance Central immerses you and your friends in the world’s best dance club experience where you are the life of the party and nobody steps on your toes. Dance Central includes a 32 song soundtrack featuring chart-toppers from the 1970s through to today’s biggest hits. With two difficulty levels and unique routines choreographed for each song, there’s plenty to keep you dancing all night.”

If dancing is your thing then this game is a must-have. There is plenty to dance to and in VR, it’s the best way. No one is there to judge you and you’ll have a great time playing.

Price: $29.99

Video Courtesy: Harmonix Music Systems

2. VRChat

“VRChat lets you fully embody custom avatars, play social games, and connect with friends in new ways. VRChat hosts a massive global community of gamers, musicians, creators, artists, entertainers and more. You can also build and share your own creations with the community.”

Very similar to Recroom and Bigscreen, VRChat is a great way to meet new people. There isn’t as much to do in VRChat and conversations are more “edgy” but still a great way to meet people in VR.

Price: FREE

Video Courtesy: VRChat

1. Tilt Brush

“Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.”

Tilt Brush is a must-have on the Quest, especially if you like to draw. They completely reinvented painting and painting in VR is extremely immersive on the Quest without being followed by a wire.

Price: $19.99

Video Courtesy: Google

We hope you enjoyed our countdown and hope you find a new game that interests you. If you are new to VR, we recently wrote a guide on Everything You Need to Know About VR.

If you want to stay up to date on VR as a whole, join our newsletter where we give updates to what is currently happening.

Let us know if we missed a game and what you think about our choices!


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